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Drones, iPhone 6 Chargercase, Tablets – GlobalTV Tech Talk

Drones, iPhone 6 Chargercase, Tablets – GlobalTV Tech Talk

On today’s GlobalTV Tech Talk, GetConnected host Mike Agerbo shows us a few cool new products; including a quad-copter drone, an iPhone 6 charger case, and some beautiful new tablets from Lenovo.

MILI Power Spring 6

Average price: $50

img02_13Mili has been creating these power-charge enabled iPhone cases for a while now. As the name implies, this particular model is built for the iPhone 6. Essentially what this case allows you to do is charge your phone without plugging it into an AC outlet or USB device. You charge the case (AC or USB), which you can then plug into your phone when low on battery — doubling the life of your phone when out and about. Not only does it charge your iPhone 6, but it also protects it quite well. The design is nice and doesn’t add a bunch of unwanted bulk to your phone like some other charger cases we’ve seen out. The 4 built in LED indicator lights are also a nice touch — each light represents 25% battery, so it’s quick and easy to see how much charge the case has left. The Mili Power Spring 6 currently comes in 2 colours: white, and grey.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro

Average price: $499

yoga-tablet-2-proThe Lenovo Yoga series of tablets are a great alternative to some of the more expensive tablets. The higher-end Yoga Tablet 2 Pro is packed with some great features, including an industry-first built-in projector. The projector allows you to project up to a 50″ image on any wall or screen — perfect for watching movies or other media in the dark. For a tablet, the sound quality is great on this model; boasting an integrated 8W system with built in sub-woofer. The 13.3″ screen is also top-notch with its QHD display, giving you plenty of clarity and size for media viewing and app use. Click on the image to read more about the Yoga Tablet 2 Pro’s features and tech specs.




Xtreem Atom Mini Quadcopter

Average price: $40


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