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Get A Head Start On Your Business Year With Global Coupon

It’s a brand new year and there’s an exciting new opportunity that’s continuing on for GetConnected business viewers! Global Coupon is ringing in the new year with a continuation of their successful GetConnected promotion, giving businesses in our GetConnected audience a $1000 credit towards staking their claim in Global Coupon’s listings!

For business owners Global Coupon represents a new and interesting way to interact with potential clients and customers. To start, Global Coupon is a site for you to list your business, letting customers and clients know what you do by placing your listing in categories that apply to you. It’s an efficient way to connect with people looking for services you provide; it’s more efficient than search and more effective than traditional marketing platforms.

The key to Global Coupon is ownership: being able to own your category, ownership of how you communicate with existing and new customers, and ownership of how every promotion works and looks. Your Global Coupon presence is fully customizable, letting you take the Global Coupon tools and build them directly into your site, giving them a look and feel that’s all your own. It’s this flexibility and power that we think is appealing to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Ready to get cracking? Great! The Global Coupon portal is a quick and easy way to get started, giving you everything you need to list your business. After you’ve listed it, the site offers you the tools you need to run powerful campaigns, like a global landing page, category ads, brand advertising, and so on. It’s an ideal way to build the relationship with your existing customers as well as with new clients.

Global Coupon represents an emerging trend of online destination locations giving businesses full control over how they’re listed and how they communicate with their client base. The businesses that take the time to engage these new platforms early will be the ones with established customer bases in the future. Global Coupon offers that opportunity, check it out here and claim your $1000 credit!

Tune into GetConnected Radio this Saturday, February 1 where we’ll have a guest from Global Coupon live on the air to tell us more about their service, and answer any questions you might have. Check out the brief video below too!

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