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Take The Stress Out Of Cooking With Meal Planner

Take The Stress Out Of Cooking With Meal Planner

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iOS App Store | $2.99


Let’s face it, sometimes we are just too busy to meal-plan and make a respectable meal for dinner and so we turn to take-out or delivery. While this is an option maybe one or two times a week, realistically it isn’t affordable or as healthy as cooking in your home.


Like many of life’s frustrations, this failure to have a plan in place for the week’s meals is easily remedied by a handy little app: Menu Planner. This app is available for iOS devices and allows you to enter all the recipes you enjoy, plan out your meals as far in advance as you like, and create shopping lists based on your meal plan. Menu planner even lets you cruise through compatible recipe websites and import new recipes directly from those sites and personalize them according to your needs.


Once you have all your recipes set up in the app, all you need to do is tap a day and tap “Add A Course” to add the recipe you’d like to cook for that day. When you’re done adding recipes for the week, you can generate a grocery list by navigating to the “Shopping List” tab and tapping the calendar button. The app will ask you to specify the date range you’d like to shop for and will import all the ingredients from those days’ recipes into a list. You can quickly scan the list and uncheck any items that you already have in your fridge or pantry before tapping import. Voila—shopping list for a week’s worth of meals and a solid meal plan!


Now all you need to do is pick up the ingredients you need and tune out that sushi or Thai restaurant next time it calls to you on your way home from work.


Do you have a favourite meal-planning app? Tell us about it in the comments.

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