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App of the week – 7 Minute Workout

App of the week – 7 Minute Workout

Get in Shape for Summer with 7-Minute Workouts


7 Minute Workout Challenge

With summer around the corner, some of us might be starting to realize that we’ve put off

that new years resolution to get in shape a little too long. So, as bathing suit season

approaches a lot of people might be turning to drastic measures like restrictive diets and

boot camps but a new fitness routine and app can help make getting back into shape just a

little easier, and more efficient.


The seven-minute workout is a concept that has been around for a couple of years now

but now it’s available in an app, 7 Minute Workout Challenge. The idea behind the

workout is high-intensity bursts of exercise with short rest intervals. To be more precise,

there are 12 exercises that are performed for 30 seconds each with a 10 second rest

interval following each one. Research has found that exercising in this way can help

boost metabolism and fight weight gain. That being said, if you can repeat the circuit

several times to get about 20 minutes of exercise instead you’ll see even better results.


The exercises don’t require any equipment and are simple to perform. However, it’s

important to keep an eye on form as there isn’t much room for error within 7 minutes. To

help users with form the app features video instruction with both male and female

instructors. If you prefer, the instructions are also available through images and text. You

can also log your workouts in the app’s built-in calendar and track your weight within the



If you’re trying to get in better shape for summer, give the 7 Minute Workout Challenge

a try. With workouts this short, it’s tough to make excuses for not working out.


iOS, Android | $2.29

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