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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Features

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be officially available in both USA and Canada on October 24th — Andy Baryer gives us an early breakdown of some of the changes and new features to the latest installment of the Note.

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Blackberry Passport

Is the Blackberry Passport the answer to Blackberry’s hopes of becoming a contender in the mobile device world again?  Join GetConnected host Andy Baryer on CBC News as he talks about the new device from Blackberry.   Stay Connected with

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What Is Biometrics?

Are you being tracked?  Learn about what biometrics is and how it is being used across a number of platforms today. GetConnected hosts Andy Baryer and Lindsay Smith give their perspectives on biometrics in this segment.  Is biometric technology a

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sneak Peak

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 has been released in the US, and will be released in Canada next week.  We have an exclusive sneak peak at the new device.  Join GetConnected host Lindsay Smith as she chats with Ken Price, VP

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Exclusive First Look At Windows 10

Have you heard? Microsoft will be releasing Windows 10 and we’ve got the scoop on what you can expect. Join us for an exclusive first look at the preview version. Stay Connected with us, subscribe for up to date tech

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Smart Watches & Budget Phones

Looking for a smart phone and don’t want to break the bank? Andy Baryer covers a few different smart watches and budget smart phones on the market today in this edition of Global Tech Talk.   Stay Connected with us,

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Alternatives to the iPhone 6

The latest batch of smartphones have hit the market in the past couple of weeks. Andy Baryer shares his ‘love jones’ for the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Alpha, and a few others on this week’s Tech Talk on Global. Which

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha First Look

An exclusive first look at the brand new Samsung Galaxy Alpha. How does the latest from Samsung measure up to Apple’s iPhone 6 and previous Galaxy models? Tune in to find out! KeepConnected with us Subscribe For up to date

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Enter The New Contest Here!

The Epson WorkForce Pro all in one Printer Your Entries 0 Total Entries 1260 Days Left 17 Today's prize is the Epson Pro WF-4630 All in One Printer. The heavy-duty WorkForce Pro WF-4630 produces laser-quality, high-speed prints for busy workgroups. Read More

Hero Mini Smartphone Speaker

Wearable Tech Review: Hero Mini Smartphone Speaker Author: GetConnected Contributor If you’re a fan of wearable technology, you’ll love the new Hero Mini. It’s a headband style speaker system that allows you to connect smartphone, tablet or laptop via Bluetooth

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