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Pimp My Desk – GC Style!

Pimp My Desk – GC Style!

Just because most of us are on laptops doesn’t mean we don’t need a place to get some work done, and we at GetConnected recognize the importance of a good desk setup. Of course we always sneak some extra gadgets on our desk as well. Any excuse for more gadgets!

There’s a lot to be said of the productivity boost of a multi-monitor setup, especially if you work with a heavy duty audio, video app, or if you need to stay on top of your social media. Some of us are constantly between meetings and don’t have the need, but a proper laptop set up is still essential so you’re not slouched over it on your desk. An external keyboard and mouse are a simple bluetooth connection away for many. An HDMI cable is a simple way to add to that screen real estate.

Andy and Linz take pride in their setups! Andy goes for THREE screens and explains why in the video below whereas Linz goes for the simple, elegant… and woody.

Tell us about your setup in the comments, or better yet share a photo! We plan on doing more on setups in the future.

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