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Find Your Android Phone Without An App

Find Your Android Phone Without An App

A Worry-Free Solution To Losing Your Phone

We’re so used to having our phones on us every minute of the day, so misplacing it or having it stolen is a huge inconvenience not to mention costly. There are lots of apps and gadgets out there like Find My Phone or the Tile Bluetooth tracker, but none of them will do you any good unless you’ve pre-installed it or purchased it ahead of time. If you find yourself patting your empty pocket with the realization that you never got around to taking any precautions, fortunately there’s a built in feature for Android looking out for you.

Android Device Manager is accessible from any desktop, tablet or phone and uses your Google account and your phone’s GPS to locate it. You can even remotely lock it or wipe the data. Andy walks you through the simple steps to make sure it’s configured on your phone, so check it out and put your mind at ease the next time you reach for your phone and it isn’t there!

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