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App of the week – Pixel OFF

App of the week – Pixel OFF

Turn off Pixels to Conserve Battery Power with Pixel OFF

Pixel OFF

As smartphones benefit from higher resolution screens, their battery life suffers. If you

struggle to make one charge last the day despite your best efforts, your high-resolution

screen might be the culprit. If you have a phone with an AMOLED display, deactivating

some of the pixels can help you conserve your battery power. Pixel OFF lets you do just

that by deactivating a mesh grid of pixels.


Pixel OFF will allow you to disable a grid of pixels, allowing you to get more life out of

your battery. The free version of the app allows you to deactivate a standard fine mesh.

With the in-app purchase of the pro version you can select a finer or denser grid of pixels

to turn off depending on how much battery power you’d like to conserve. Since Pixel

OFF deactivates pixels in an evenly spaced mesh grid, you’ll simply see a darkening of

your screen. That being said, many phones have so many pixels these days that you might

not notice much of a difference at all.


A recent update to Pixel OFF added Tasker support, so you can set the app to only

deactivate pixels under certain conditions, like a certain battery level. If you don’t use

Tasker, you can turn the app on and off manually or leave it on all the time if you don’t

find the effect to be obtrusive.


Android | Basic: Free, Pro: $1.68

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