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App of the Week – Hotel My Phone

App of the Week – Hotel My Phone

Move Your Phone Number to a Friend’s Phone with Hotel My Phone


Hotel My Phone

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your smartphone run out of juice when

you’re not in a position to charge it. Even worse is the feeling when you realize you’ve

left the house without your phone. Now there’s a solution to both these problems with

Hotel My Phone.


Hotel My Phone works on both Android and iOS devices and lets you use a friend or

spouse’s phone as your own when your phone is dead or you’ve left it at home. When

you want to use someone else’s phone all you have to do is log in to your Hotel My

Phone account on their phone. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to receive text

messages and phone calls on that phone. You’ll also be able to make calls using your

own phone number and you’ll gain access to all the contacts in your address book.

To use Hotel My Phone both your phone and the phone you’re hoteling to will need to

have the app installed. It’s best to have this installed ahead of time and to add your

friends to your “network” on the app. This will allow you to use Hotel My Phone free of

charge when you need it. If you use a phone that’s not in your network to hotel your

phone, you’ll need to pay $1.00.


When it comes to security, you might be a bit nervous to sign into your personal

information on a different phone but Hotel My Phone has this figured out. The guest’s

communications are anonymous and secured from the guest. Once the guest signs out, all

the information and communications are permanently deleted. The guest can sign out at

any time but if they forget to do so, the app will automatically sign them out after four

hours of inactivity. As a host, you can rest easy when a friend or family member is using

your phone to hotel theirs—your phone will switch to “hotel mode” and hide your profile

and personal information. Once your guest signs out of their account on your phone, a

10-second countdown timer appears asking them to return your phone before it exits

hotel mode.


So next time you’re out on a night on the town, you won’t need to worry about your

phone dying. Just make sure you add your friends and family to your network so you can

use the service for free. The service also charges you $0.03 per minute to make calls from

hotels using your own phone number and $0.10 to send text messages from a generic

number while hoteling your phone.


iOS, Android | Free

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